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In Lenus Health Group we help our clients to initiate or expand their presence in new markets by providing them with intimate knowledge of customers, competitions, and market trends. We build programs and map strategic plans that are specifically tailored to goals and expectations of our customers. Some of our service includes:

Market Research

As one of our business consulting services we provide our customers with extensive market research allowing them to grow exports, decrease dependencies on domestic markets, and ultimately sustain long-term growth. Our market research reports include but are not limited to:




Target market Analysis

Do you know the scale of your target market? Who are your customers? What are the prices in Target Company? Knowing your potential customers and how to reach them makes your marketing strategy more centralized, concise and relevant. Our unique marketing team can help you to establish an extensive view relevant to your target market and to make your business stand out.


Specialized Communication Service

Here at Lenus Health we offer specialized communication services to ensure having the right B2B contacts for our customers and to increase their chance of success.


Database of specific product audiences

Using our database, we can guide you to reach potential partners for your products.



Relying on our extensive network, we can act as your representative in domestic and international markets and offer you distribution facilities including customer services.


Distribution channels and Collaborators chain

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