As an independent marketing agency, Lenus Health Group assists you in bringing your products to target market by providing you with native, locally-based business partners.We have regulatory experience in medical devices, pharmaceutics, transfer technology and cosmetics including development of protocols for pre-clinical and clinical activities, batch formulations, and drafting and implementing procedures in support of pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing and hospital construction and equipment.

Lenus Health helps you to understand cross-cultural dynamics and gain access to domestic and international markets by offering product registrations, selection of right partners, local agents, and distributors all with pre-vetting services.

Our expertise and experience in both strategic and technical sides of the business showcases our unique ability in taking concepts to successful market completions rapidly and a long-term compliance with global export and import legal regulations has enabled us to ensure our customers that their products reach the intended destination in a timely manner without disruption.


About Lenus Health

Lenus Health is a company which specialized in national and international Medical device and Pharmaceutical Treads and services. We represent companies in all industry sectors to commercialize medical and diagnostic devices, pharmaceutics, foods and cosmetics in target markets...


Our services

In Lenus Health Group we help YOU to initiate or expand YOUR presence in new markets by greatly representing YOU in those market trends. We build programs and map strategic plans with YOU and for YOU as our primary goal and to proudly representing you in those markets. These plans are specifically tailored to goals and expectations of YOU. Some of our service includes:




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