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Lenus Medical Device
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The best Service in Medical Products

Lenus Health is a wholesaler of a diverse range of medical equipment and medical devices. From launching the product to final marketing, we love the whole process. With the exclusive partnership in Europe and Asia, we have gained trust and reliance by providing modern business techniques.

We have established ourselves to provide highest quality equipment for various medical applications. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know how of modern techniques, through our partners worldwide.

We have served almost 150 customers in government, private and corporate sector with the confidence of the professional team at Lenus Health. We have covered a comprehensive array of product line including;

1. Medical Apparel
2. Medical Beddings
3. Medical Diagnostic Tests
4. Medical Disposables
5. Medical Furniture
6. Medical Imaging Devices
7. Medical Implants
8. Medical Instruments
9. Medical Machines
10. Medical Monitoring Devices
11. Medical Products
12. Medical Tools
13. Prosthesis
14. Transfer Technology

Here's how we work in our a medical device Department:

  1. Sourcing and purchasing medical devices: We identify medical devices that are in demand by healthcare facilities and purchase them from manufacturers. We negotiate prices and quantities to obtain the best possible deal.

  2. Storing and managing inventory: We store the medical devices in our warehouse, where they are organized and managed in a way that allows for efficient and timely delivery to customers. The inventory is often tracked using a computerized system to ensure that stock levels are maintained and replenished when necessary.

  3. Delivery and logistics: When an order is received, we prepares the products for shipment, ensuring that they are properly packaged and labeled for transport. We work with logistics companies to arrange for delivery to the customer's location.

  4. After-sales support: We provide after-sales support to our customers, which may include technical assistance, training, and repairs. We also offer warranties and guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction.

Medical device wholesaler businesses play an important role in the healthcare industry. We are responsible for sourcing and distributing a wide range of medical devices, from surgical instruments and imaging equipment to diagnostic tools and disposables. We are an intermediary between medical device manufacturers and healthcare facilities, responsible for sourcing, storing, marketing, and delivering medical devices to our customers, while providing after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.


Overall, we have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, strong relationships with manufacturers and customers, and careful management of supply chain, sales, marketing, regulatory compliance, customer service, and finances.

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